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August 20, 2022

Abortions don’t happen in Harford County, do they?

From the Executive Director

For many years, residents of Harford County have been lulled by the idea that since we don’t have an abortion clinic in our county, abortions don’t happen in Harford County. But the truth is that abortions are not only happening in Harford county, they are currently increasing at an alarming rate.

Covid-19 has affected every area of our lives, and abortion is no exception. With the extended time at home creating a ‘baby boom’ of unplanned pregnancies, combined with the fear of being in a surgical or hospital-like setting during a pandemic, women are looking to other ways to take care of an unplanned pregnancy.

Following a recent ruling by a Federal judge in Maryland, women do not even have to go see a provider to get the Abortion Pill. Women can video call with a doctor and receive the Abortion Pill at their doorstep a day or two later. The fight for the unborn has moved from the front of the abortion clinic to the personal bathroom of the pregnant and deciding woman. A young women will often have her phone with her in the bathroom. Finding Choose Hope Women’s Center at the top of the Google search is costly, but imperative. With your help, when she searches online for answers, we will be there.

Our recent paid marketing initiative has made it easier for women to find Choose Hope Women’s Center on their mobile phones. We are now receiving multiple requests for the Abortion Pill each week. Before we started, we would hear from 5-7 women a year. Now we are hearing from 10-15 abortion-minded women every month.

Please consider sending in your donation today to help us reach even more women who are pregnant, desperate, and abortion minded. Your donation could literally save another’s life.


Stephanie Atha
Executive Director


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