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August 22, 2022

Meet Sean Nolan, Board Member

In 2015 my wife, Hannah, and I packed up everything we owned

and moved from Albany, NY to Harford County, MD so I could accept a position as the family life pastor at Christ Fellowship Church. We put our two-year-old, Knox, and our newborn, Hazel, in their car seats and welcomed the unknown road ahead.

Two years later, and we are anticipating the arrival of our third child, another boy. The road has been smoother for us than we had initially anticipated. But it isn’t as smooth for everyone. Which is where my path intersects with that of Choose Hope Women’s Center. Shortly after moving to the area I met Stephanie Atha and she shared their vision with me. Many women facing unplanned pregnancies have traveled rocky roads and wonder whether they have the support and means necessary to bring another life into the world. Choose Hope’s aim to come alongside these women in order to help equip and resource them to succeed in their parenting journey. I immediately knew it overlapped with some of my existing ministry responsibilities but was unsure what part I would play in its future.

As of this past July, I was welcomed as the newest member of Choose Hope Women’s Center board of directors. The word “life” is contained within my title at my day job and I am passionate about helping the next generation coming behind us to live theirs to the fullest. That’s why I am willing to devote my time to serving Choose Hope —because many who travel rockier roads than the one I have traveled often feel they don’t have the resources to provide a full life to their preborn children.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten to spend some time with the various volunteers— did I mention that I volunteered there through the end of 2016?— I believe in the work they do because it is profoundly relational and personal. Those facing crisis pregnancies don’t need life advice or platitudes as much as they need relationships with compassionate and caring individuals. That’s what has positioned Choose Hope Women’s Center so well to succeed in its ministry: the individuals.

Calling attention to the individuals currently volunteering only gives you a glimpse into the eyes of the face of Choose Hope Women’s Center, however. There are many other individuals who remain unseen but are just as important. This ministry would not be possible if it were not for the selfless donations of hundreds of donors who believe in what we do. These people hold the reins in order to ensure the success of those who are on the ground volunteering with the people Choose Hope serves every day. Both groups of people are indispensable to our success. The individuals all comprise a bigger part of the whole. So let me ask you, where do you fit into this puzzle? Are you willing to partner with Choose Hope Women’s Center to ensure the continued success of our ministry? Whether that means exploring the possibility of serving as a volunteer or holding the reins by being a financial donor, would you prayerfully consider joining us in our endeavors? You may think, “I am simply one individual, what help would I be?” But it is when hundreds of individuals all come together and rally around a specific cause that great things are achieved. We need individuals like you.

– Sean Nolan 


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