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August 20, 2022

Whom We Serve: Post-Abortion Ministry

When a woman comes to Choose Hope Women’s Center regretting an abortion in her past, the volunteers are ready to listen without judgment. If the woman is interested, she can meet with the post-abortion ministry, who can help her make peace with herself and God.

Post-abortion ministry leader Cathy Nichols says, “Some women take many years to open up about their abortion. Many were very young and thinking, ‘My life is ahead of me. How can I possibly have a child?’ Many are pressured into thinking that this is the only option, by the baby’s father, parents, or friends. They are told, ‘It’s no big deal.’ These women may feel a sense of relief initially but later suffer from feelings of grief and regret. They can suffer addictions, eating disorders, relationship challenges, and the inability to bond with future children.”

The post-abortion ministry has a drop-in meeting on the last Monday of every month and also runs a study group that works thru the book Forgiven and Set Free. The aim is to help women who have had abortions find a way out of their destructive thoughts and behaviors and to show them that they are forgiven and loved by God.

For one client, Anna, the Bible study group was her safe place. While she was also receiving care from a therapist, Anna found a community in this group of women who were facing similar struggles. She is so grateful to the group’s leaders for helping her to get out of her pain and guilt and instead find hope and peace.

If you are suffering from an abortion in your past, contact us now.

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