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August 20, 2022

New Marketing, New Clients

Choose Hope Women’s Center is connecting with more abortion-minded clients than ever before.

In July, Choose Hope Women’s Center of launched its new paid Internet marketing. The purpose is to connect women who are facing crisis pregnancies with the volunteers. When a woman in the Harford County area searches the Internet for certain key terms, Choose Hope appears high up on the results list, due to the new paid marketing. Clicking through, the woman can read some information and fill out a form requesting that a volunteer contact her.

When the volunteer and the woman speak, the volunteer listens to the woman’s story and explains how Choose Hope can help support her in whatever she needs. The hope is that she will understand all of the resources available to her and choose life for her baby.

This new marketing has helped us greatly increased contact with women who believe that they need to abort their babies. This is a real change from the clients typically seen in recent years, mostly women who have already decided to parent their babies but who need our support to do so.

Recently a client found Choose Hope Women’s Center through the new marketing and came to the office for a pregnancy test, which was positive. She told her volunteer that she was worried about telling her parents about her pregnancy. While in the office, she learned about the Pregnancy Education Program and other available services, held the fetal development models, and took home a maternity blouse. When she left, she appeared joyful and gave her volunteer a hug.

Not all of the women who come through the new marketing have such happy results. There have been many who have spoken with volunteers on the phone but do not return follow-up phone calls or show up for appointments. Many times, we are unsure of what happened to them or their babies. Executive Director Stephanie Atha maintains that even though the unreturned phone calls can be very disappointing, there is still hope. “We never know what God is going to do” after the phone call, she says. Perhaps a woman who thought abortion was her only option would now choose to keep her baby. “We do the best that we can with the time we are given and trust that nothing is impossible with God.”


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